ACT & SAT Private Tutoring

Cutting-Edge, Proven Strategies

Our owner has read over 45 test prep books and analyzed thousands of assessments taken by local students. His analysis and insights have led to a number of genuinely unique strategies to beat the SAT and ACT. Our program also includes “best of breed” strategies from around the country. Our students’ stellar results have not been by accident. See below for more details on the structure and philosophy behind our programs.

SAT Private Tutoring Packages

1 subject

Choose Math or Verbal
5 sessions (1.5 hrs each)
2+ practice tests

Both Subjects

Math and Verbal
10 sessions (each 1.5 hours)
3 practice tests

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ACT Private Tutoring Packages

2 subjects

Choose 2: math, science, reading, English
4 sessions in each subject
2+ practice tests

All subjects

Math, science, reading, & English
16 sessions (4 per subject)
3 practice tests

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ACT or SAT Hourly Tutoring

Any subject, any number of sessions

$79/hour for package & class students

Useful for…

  • Last-minute prep
  • Less time commitment for busy students
  • Brush up before a second test sitting
  • Add on to a package or class

…and more. Call us to help you customize!

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Ongoing Analysis Leads to the Most Focused Instruction

Only the largest companies break down each SAT and ACT practice test the way we do. We track specific metrics for each student throughout the program. Moreover, our SAT/ACT director does all of the analysis. Other companies expect their tutors to review practice test results and respond accordingly. We love our instructors, but they’re instructors, not analysts. Our SAT/ACT director gives our instructors specific guidance based on assessment results. Each student completes up to 4 practice tests!

Haven’t decided whether to focus on the SAT, ACT, or both?

  1. Call us for a consultation. Our staff is trained to help you evaluate the best path for your student.
  2. Schedule a full-length practice test for one or both tests (it’s free!). We’ll help you compare the results.

Lower Fees, Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plans

Our national competitors charge as much as $3,000 for their private tutoring packages with hourly rates over $130/hour! Our complete SAT Private Tutoring Program is now only $1,275 ($85/hour), and you can spread your payments over three months with no interest. We also offer smaller packages if your time, budget, and/or needs are limited. We offer 8 and 16 session packages for the ACT.

Flexible Scheduling, Flexible Program

If your son or daughter has a busy schedule, our flexible private tutoring program will simplify your life. We can work around any schedule. If your schedule changes, we’ll change with you. You can also choose a 5 or 10-session package depending on your budget and your son or daughter’s needs.

*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, our services.
*ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, our services.