Our SAT Prep Students Get The Best Results!
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Structured Summer/Fall/Spring SAT Prep Program
"Our SAT Prep Students"
We offer 8 and 16 session private tutoring packages for the ACT.  One 8 session package focuses on ACT Math and Science and the other package focuses on ACT English (including the essay) and Reading.   You can choose either package or both packages if you want help preparing for the whole test.
Our coaches will help your child conquer the SAT!

Differentiated SAT Prep Instruction
"Differentiated SAT Prep Instruction"
We group our SAT students by ability level and offer relevant, focused instruction. While other companies lump everyone together, we provide accelerated instruction for advanced students, and appropriate instruction for our other groups.  This is EXTREMELY important if you want your child to achieve the highest SAT score increase!
Our focused instruction differentiates us from most competitors.

Ongoing Assessment
"Ongoing Assessment Ensures Success"
Our students complete up to four practice tests, and we carefully analyze the results.   More importantly, WE respond to the analysis to ensure that our curriculum is appropriately focused.  Most companies give their students access to limited data and then expect the students to respond.  Only a small percentage of students actually look at the information and even fewer respond.
We analyze and respond to all practice test results!

Small SAT Classes & One-on-One Tutoring
"Small SAT Classes & 1:1 Tutoring"
Our SAT Prep sections have a maximum of 12 carefully matched students, who are led by one of our gifted, engaging SAT coaches.  All of our students complete an initial SAT assessment and then we organize students based on their results. In addition to eleven classes, we include three hours of one-on-one SAT tutoring and a variety of subject-specific workshops.
Our personalized instruction produces results!

Innovative SAT Strategies
Mike being Mike
Our owner has read over 40 ACT Prep and SAT Prep books, and he has analyzed thousands of SAT assessments taken by local students.  His research has resulted in genuinely unique strategies to beat the SAT including some exciting new strategies that have led to even higher SAT score increases!
Effective strategies to reach high SAT scores are here!

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Complete SAT Prep Program

$999(9 classes, 3 hours of private tutoring, 4 practice tests)

Only $333/month for 3 months!

Add MegaPrep for only $150
(3 ACT classes & 2 ACT practice tests)

SAT Private Tutoring Packages

15 sessions (all subjects) 10 sessions (two subjects) 5 sessions (one subject)
22.5 hours of instruction  up to 5 Practice Tests $1,650 15 hours of instruction  up to 4 Practice Tests $1,275 7.5 hours of instruction  2 Practice Tests $675

ACT Private Tutoring

8 sessions (12 hrs), 2 practice tests ($875)
16 sessions (24 hrs), 3 practice tests ($1,750)

SAT or ACT One-on-One (Hourly)

Private: $99/hr Semi-Private: $69/hour