SAT & ACT Prep

Our test prep philosophy is unique and our programs unmatched. Still, we continue to improve our proven curriculum and we have already had two students with PERFECT SCORES this fall (a 36 ACT and 1,600 SAT).

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Why Choose Lafayette Academy Test Prep?

Our students’ score improvements aren’t accidental. Each year, hundreds of Lafayette Academy students of all ability levels have achieved significant score increases because of our unique, strategic approach to test prep. We provide differentiated instruction, maintain small class sizes, continually update our curriculum, and monitor our students’ progress from day one. We have several test prep routes available; call us to discuss what’s best for your student!

Innovative Program Structure & Strategies

Our owner has read over 45 SAT and ACT prep books and analyzed thousands of local students’ practice tests, resulting in a mix of truly unique concepts and “best of breed” strategies—a combination no other test prep provider in the Bay Area uses. Furthermore, our many program component options—including our uniquely structured summer-to-fall, fall-to-spring, and SAT+ACT combo programs—are based on what’s best for students, not what’s easiest for us.

Ongoing Assessment & Analysis

Our students complete three practice tests, and we carefully analyze the results. Moreover, WE respond to the analysis. Other companies give students their results and hope that the students will respond on their own. We work proactively to supplement our students’ learning by adding free workshops or tutoring sessions if a student isn’t improving enough.

Differentiated SAT & ACT Prep

We group our students by ability level and offer relevant, focused instruction. While other companies lump everyone together, we provide accelerated instruction for advanced students and appropriate instruction for our other groups. In other words, we don’t hold back our advanced students, and our less advanced students can feel comfortable asking questions in class.

ACT or SAT Classes


Only $333/month for 3 months!

9 classes
3 hours of one-on-one tutoring
3 practice tests

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SAT Private Tutoring Packages


5 sessions (1 subject)
7.5 hours of instruction
1 practice test


10 sessions (both subjects)
15 hours of instruction
3 practice tests

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ACT Private Tutoring Packages


8 sessions (2 subjects)
12 hours of instruction
2 practice tests


16 sessions (all subjects)
24 hours of instruction
3 practice tests

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