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 Master Math & Strategic Reading

(Grades 2 – 8)


 Master Math & Strategic Reading

(Grades 2 – 8)

Assessment-driven programs for reading & math


Lafayette Academy offers comprehensive programs to help elementary and middle school students catch up or get ahead in reading and math.  Our programs combine actionable assessments with engaging instruction to drive student gains in reading and mathematics.  These programs are vital when so many parents are concerned about the impact of school closures and distance learning on their children’s progress.

Program(s) Structure

  • Students begin with comprehensive assessments that are correlated with California Standards and Benchmarks.
  • We evaluate the assessment results and create a personalized learning program for each student.
  • We meet with students twice a week in one-on-one or small group sessions.
  • Our tutors also help students with any challenges they’re having with their current schoolwork.
  • We provide progress assessments every 6 weeks to ensure that we’re making real progress (on top of what you’re seeing in school)

Redbird Math Grades 2-8

  • “Redbird Math” from McGraw-Hill is an amazing program that was developed at Stanford University.
  • Redbird is an adaptive program that guides personalized instruction for each student based on his or her level.
  • Redbird is the foundation for our Master Math program, but every student will be guided by a highly experienced, credentialed teacher.

Strategic Reading Grades 2-8

  • Strategic Reading (SR) will focus on reading skills with younger students and reading comprehension with older students.
  • Our goal is to help every student become a “strategic reader” for life. This is a focused, thoughtful reader, not an aimless one.
  • SR is driven by SuccessMaker, an adaptive assessment-based program that creates personalized curriculum for each student.
  • SR has been inspired by our experiences with thousands of SAT and ACT Prep students over the past ten years.
  • Simply stated, there are too many high school students with poor reading comprehension skills; we’re going to make a  difference!

Why Lafayette Academy?

  • We have experienced, personable teachers who complete extensive training for each program.
  • Our personalized assessments reveal skill gaps that are addressed in our programs; we will also incorporate students’ learning style(s).
  • Our instructors will monitor your child’s progress EVERY week.
  • Our instructors will incorporate study skills, and mentoring (when necessary) with subject-specific help.
  • We are continuing to raise the bar for online instruction and we will do whatever it takes to ensure student success.

The (not so) Fine Print

  • Each session is 90 minutes, long enough to be meaningful and short enough to keep your son or daughter’s attention.
  • You can purchase 18 or 36 session packages: 18 sessions are $79/hour ($1,422 + assessments); 36 sessions are $69/hour ($2,484), includes 2 assessments). As always, we will help you make the right decision for your child.
  • Comprehensive assessments are $150.

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