Redbird Math Adaptive Assessment

(Grades 2 – 8)


Lafayette Academy offers comprehensive programs to help elementary and middle school students catch up or get ahead in reading and math.  Our programs combine actionable assessments with engaging instruction to drive student gains in reading and mathematics.  These programs are vital when so many parents are concerned about the impact of school closures and distance learning on their children’s progress.

Redbird Math Assessment

  • Tired of paper and pencil math tests that are long, tedious, and do not offer useful data? Lafayette Academy offers adaptive math assessments that pinpoint specific standards and concepts that may be areas of weakness for your child. This information is then used to place your child into a custom designed curriculum that targets the exact content your child needs to learn.Assessment Features
    • Identify algebra readiness gaps
    • Adaptive technology closes gaps and accelerates learning
    • Cumulative Assessment identifies learning gaps students may have over the years
    • Shorter, more frequent assessments, with open ended responses provides a more accurate reflection of student knowledge
    • Real time data allows students to see which questions they solve correctly/incorrectly as they work
    • Monitor growth over time with standards proficiency, performance, and learning pathway quarterly reports

    Make insightful, actionable decisions about your child’s progress towards algebra readiness with our Master Math curriculum.

    Contact our Center Director, Morgan Hartford, or Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Kimberly Coniglio, to learn more about our revolutionary Master Math program.

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