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When Should My Child Prep for the SAT or ACT?


Dear Mabby, I have 3rd grade twins who read at a 5th grade level and are way above average in math. Is it too early to start their SAT Prep? Fondly, Motivated Mom Dear Motivated (can I call you “Mo”?), It’s never too early to start getting ready for the SAT and you don’t [...]

When Should My Child Prep for the SAT or ACT?2019-08-05T18:24:16-07:00



Dear Mabby, My 10th grader owned the PSAT as a 10th grader but his advisor recommends that he takes the ACT even though he did so well on the PSAT when he was only in 10th grade. What do you think? Anxiously awaiting your advice, Mary Beth Marisol-Venezuela (graduate of a well known East [...]

SAT vs. ACT2019-08-05T18:51:39-07:00

Soccer Camp or Math Classes?


Dear Mabby, We have a 5th grader and the counselor thinks she needs summer school to get ready for 6th grade math.    She’s also a really good soccer player and might even make the Class 3 team next year.  Do you think I should keep her in all 8 weeks of soccer camp or spend [...]

Soccer Camp or Math Classes?2019-08-05T18:58:51-07:00

Wondering About My Child’s Reading Comprehension


Dear Mabby, My 3rd grader can read any book – I’m just not sure if he actually understands what he's reading.  After he finished “A Tale of Two Cities,” I asked him to describe the story to me.  Here’s what he said: “it was about some old guy who escaped from jail and then this [...]

Wondering About My Child’s Reading Comprehension2019-08-05T19:10:19-07:00

Are My Kids Listening To Me?


Dear Mabby, Where have you been? I'm probably one of the five people who have actually read your advice and I've missed hearing from you. Rumor has it that you also have some insights into parenting. I need some help and neither Dr. Phil nor Oprah will respond to my persistent emails. I don't [...]

Are My Kids Listening To Me?2018-10-10T12:56:42-07:00

PSAT Prep or Not?


Dear Mabby, I got something from my school about a PSAT Prep fundraiser. My daughter is already stressed out and she just began her junior year. Should I sign her up for these classes? By the way, based on some of your other letters, she also appears to be one of the few students in [...]

PSAT Prep or Not?2014-09-03T12:02:56-07:00

I Got My SAT Score … Now What?


Dear MABBY, My son just got his March SAT scores and we're not sure what to make of them. It looks like he got 550 twice so I'm wondering if the College Board made a mistake. I have a few questions: How do I know if his scores are good enough for Harvard? Is it [...]

I Got My SAT Score … Now What?2014-07-30T23:56:58-07:00
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