Final Exam Crams®

Final Exam Crams® are our hugely popular two-hour review sessions that help local students prepare for finals. Our experienced, knowledgeable instructors review the most important concepts and provide one of our coveted study packets for follow-up prep. Over 1,500 students attend Final Exam Crams each year, and many families come year-after-year (scroll down to read some comments). This is the best way to begin your finals prep … BY FAR!

Exam Crams are $99 for a two-hour session and one of our coveted study packets.  Each Cram is only $89 if you enroll by November 22.

Schedules & Registration

Friday December 13  – Monday December 16 at Lafayette Academy.

Acalanes, Campo, Las Lomas, and Miramonte Final Exam Crams® are in Lafayette (3400 Mt. Diablo Blvd) or Moraga (1400 Moraga Way).

Monte Vista and San Ramon Valley Final Exam Crams are in Danville (760 San Ramon Valley Blvd).

Why do families return to Final Exam Crams semester after semester? Here are just a few reasons…

“We went over everything on the final, in detail. The packet will really help me study.” Natalie S.

“[My tutor] completely understood what we had to cover and made sure we got everything. He was very good to work with and he explained my answers fully.” Tim D.

“The packet he gave us helped a bunch. It was a better review than I could ever have done by myself.” Jeff C.

“We learned more in this class than the whole semester. THANK YOU!!!” An anonymous Danville Student left this message on the white board after a chemistry Exam Cram.

“The classes were REALLY substantial and overall a good review of the material over the semester, especially Spanish!” Megan I. (Spanish 2, Biology, Geometry)

“I thought the class helped a lot. [My tutor] was a great teacher and I ended up getting an A on my biology final.” Alex R.

“[My tutor] is awesome. He was really patient and his explanations were easy to understand. Now I get it!” Joella P. (Algebra 2/Trig)

“I thought it was very helpful and it made studying a lot easier. It made me see where I needed to direct my studies.” Caitlin C. (Geometry)