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Our classroom-based programs include the following features:

  1. 9 small classes organized by ability level with differentiated instruction (this is hugely important)
  2. Sunday classes (when students aren’t stressed about school or busy with extracurriculars) + mid-week make-ups
  3. Weekly homework assignments that we analyze and respond to
  4. Three practice tests/assessments that we analyze and respond to
  5. Private tutoring and small group workshops after two of the practice tests – points 3-5 are HUGELY important. Many companies provide great-looking (and sounding) tools to analyze results, but most students only look at their scores. We respond to our students’ results with targeted instruction!
  6. Updated curriculum for 2019/2010 based on the most recent ACT and SAT tests.

We might be a small company, but our owner has possibly spent more time analyzing test results than anyone in the country (no exaggeration).

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