Helping Your Child Close the COVID-19 Learning Gap

With approximately 1.6 billion children currently affected by school closings around the world, filling in the academic gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will be a major challenge for all educators. Data on learning losses during long school shut-downs suggests that, compared to a normal school year, COVID-19 could cause students to achieve only 70% of their learning gains in reading and 50% in math, the equivalent of being up to a year behind in some grades. Younger students are likely to experience even greater losses. Even in situations where students have been able to do remote instruction, it is likely that sizeable learning losses will still have to be resolved.

Our New Programs Can Help Your Child Keep Up

As our country faces a highly uncertain time in its history, we want you to know that we are still here, still working, and still fully committed to supporting children who are experiencing gaps in their learning due to COVID-19. Although today’s educational outlook may seem bleak, with school closings and distance learningcausing deficits in children’s learning around the globe, the use of creative tutoring approaches and resources to provide instructional continuity can keep your children on the path to high academic achievement.

Fortunately, we are on the case and have put new programs into place that address these distance learning gaps. These assessment-based programs will identify and remedy any skill gaps that may have arisen during the past year, and we can guarantee that your children will catch up or move ahead in their studies.

Lafayette Academy is dedicated to closing any gaps in your children’s education that may have been caused by the global pandemic, so you can rest assured that the students will stay abreast of what they need to learn in the coming year and even exceed their expected level of learning.

For the best of assistance in keeping your child up to speed and feeling confident in their studies during this challenging time, call on us today at Lafayette Academy. We look forward to helping you and your child become mutually successful.


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