MegaPrep is our program for BOTH the ACT and SAT tests.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Students complete ACT or SAT Prep and take the relevant test.
  2. Then, they return for 2 or 3 private tutoring sessions and 1 practice test to prepare for the other test.  You can start with either test, but …
  3. Most juniors, who have yet to begin any test prep, should start with ACT Prep because of the ACT science section.

In general, each Test Prep program covers 70-80% of the material that students will need for the other test (our SAT Prep program includes 70% of the material that students will need to know for the ACT and our ACT Prep program includes 80% of the SAT Prep material).  MegaPrep tutoring covers the additional 20-30%.

Megaprep is only $150 more than our prep programs.  We make it extremely affordable because it’s a huge opportunity for our students.

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Why MegaPrep?

Many families don’t know which test to take (the SAT or ACT?). With MegaPrep, you don’t have to make this choice because we will prepare you for both tests, and you won’t have to spend most of your junior year in test prep.

Differentiated SAT & ACT Prep

We group our students by ability level and offer relevant, focused instruction. While other companies lump everyone together, we provide accelerated instruction for advanced students and appropriate instruction for our other groups. In other words, we don’t hold back our advanced students and our lower students don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions in class.

Ongoing Assessment and Analysis

Our students complete up to four practice tests, and we carefully analyze ALL of the results. Moreover, WE respond to the analysis. Other companies give students their results and hope that the students will respond on their own.

Innovative SAT & ACT Strategies

Our owner has read over 45 SAT & ACT prep books and analyzed thousands of practice tests taken by local students. This has resulted in a mix of truly unique concepts and “best of breed” strategies that is not taught by ANY other SAT Prep provider in the Bay Area.

MegaPrep (ACT & SAT Prep)


Only $383/month for 3 months!

12 sessions
39 hours of instruction
4 practice tests

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SAT Private Tutoring Packages


5 Sessions
7.5 Hours of Instruction
1 Practice Test


10 Sessions
15 Hours of Instruction
2 Practice Test

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ACT Private Tutoring Packages


8 Sessions (two subjects)
12 Hours of Instruction
2 Practice Test


16 Sessions (all subjects)
24 Hours of Instruction
3 Practice Test

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*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, our services.
*ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, our services.