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Lafayette Academy’s FREE PSAT Prep

Lafayette Academy’s FREE PSAT Prep includes a practice test and follow-up class to prepare for the PSAT. It’s simple to register with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!  

Fill in the gaps from last year and get started on the right foot this semester

We offer tutoring both in person and online for virtually every subject

Lock in the best tutors for the semester at the best time for your schedule!

Our tutors know the textbooks that your students are using and we target other school districts that use the same materials (e.g. Big Ideas Math). If you’re seeing our ads in Palo Alto, Sacramento, Folsom, Palos Verdes, Murrietta Valley, and beyond, it’s not an accident.

Proprietary Algebra 2 “Tutoring Curriculum” at Lafayette Academy

Lafayette Academy has recently finished a best practices tutoring curriculum for all levels of Algebra 2 in the 2021/2022 academic year. 

Tutoring Grades 9-12

Shadow Classes® are weekly, small-group tutoring sessions that are specific for grades 9-12th. We offer specific subjects at Acalanes, Campo, Las Lomas, Miramonte, Monte Vista, OIS,  San Ramon Valley, and Stanley Intermediate.  Subject-specific classes meet online and are led by one of our expert tutors, most of whom are intimately familiar with each school’s curriculum.  Here are some of the features that make our Shadow Classes special:


Fall 2021 Test Prep Schedules

Call for a quick consultation if you haven’t decided whether to focus on the SAT or ACT. We offer free diagnostic tests to help ensure your student picks the best test for them.


Private Tutoring

  • Academic Tutoring
  • ACT & SAT Tutoring
  • Virtual and In-Person Tutoring Available

Shadow Classes & Grades 2-8

  • Shadow Classes®
  • Shadow Classes® Schedules
  • Redbird Math & Strategic Reading 

SAT & ACT Prep

  • SAT & ACT Schedules
  • ACT or SAT Tutoring
  • Test Prep Registration
  • FREE PSAT Prep

Why is Lafayette Academy Your #1 Tutoring Option

Our Unique Tutoring Model

Yes, we realize that many companies claim the “unique” mantel. We don’t just talk about it; we show it! Take a few minutes to read this page and we hope you will appreciate all of the services and features that truly make us a unique learning center.

Local Learning Centers

We often hire local alumni to tutor and teach our classes, many of whom remember their high school classes and teachers. Our Shadow Classes   and Final Exam Crams  are targeted to local high schools and we have developed tried and true methods to get the local intel we need to help students.

Differentiated Instruction

Whether you sign up for a class or one-on-one tutoring, our instruction is differentiated. Our Shadow Classes and Final Exam Crams are school specific, our Test Prep classes are organized by ability level, and our one-on-one tutoring begins with a learning styles assessment so we can teach to each student’s strengths.

Our ACT & SAT Prep

We have had multiple students with PERFECT scores this year! How did we do it? That’s simple…our amazing tutors combined with our unique test prep philosophy!

Pioneering A New Concept: Tutoring Curriculum


Curricula that starts where your children have stopped.

Tutoring curriculum is not school curriculum! We do not start from scratch. We start where your child has stopped. In other words, we do a quick diagnosis to understand each student’s problem areas (or for advanced students, where they have stopped) and then our tutors use our custom curriculum (along with their years of experience) to eliminate any problems. Our proprietary curriculum has been developed by tutors who have helped students solve almost every problem for several years.


We use VARK Learning Styles

Learning styles reflect how each student prefers to learn. The acronym VARK stands for Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic learning styles. Understanding how a student prefers to learn allows Lafayette Academy tutors to personalize each tutoring session. For example,  we teach visual learners how to retain more information during a class lecture by visually organizing notes into models, tables, or charts.


Master Math

This program’s adaptive math assessments pinpoint specific standards and concepts that are areas of weakness for your child. This information is then used to place your child into a custom designed curriculum that targets the exact content your child needs to learn.


Strategic Reading

Strategic Reading is a comprehensive reading program that focuses on conscious reading comprehension. Strategic reading is driven by SuccessMaker from Savaas Learning.

About Us

Our Story

Lafayette Academy is committed to the overall success of your student in school and life. Our motto is ‘bringing out the best in everyone’ and we mean it! We have an unparalleled dedication to your children. Obviously, any company can say this (and some do), but we’ve proven it … over and over again. Here are just a few examples of what we mean:

Not Just a Business

We are committed to the communities we work in. We proactively offer free tutoring and workshops to students who need more help. We want to see your students succeed and learn skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives.


Coaching to Success

Our owner coached 20 seasons of girls soccer and basketball. His positive coaching philosophy is key to helping students succeed in sports and school.

What Our Students/Parents Say

Spencer’s SAT scores really improved – to the extent that had he gone to one of the state schools, he didn’t have to take the entrance/placement exams. Thank you for your fine program! I’m sure we will be using you again with our daughter!

Molly D., Acalanes Mom

Thank you so much for your help! I got my scores back; I got 690 in Critical Reading, 740 in Math, and 800 in Writing…a 2230! I really appreciate everything you have done. Thanks again!

Caroline Y. , Carondelet

I always know that I can count on Lafayette Academy when my sons need help! It has been great and I thank you. You provide a wonderful service to the students. Matt is our youngest so we won’t be coming anymore but I will definitely refer Lafayette Academy!!

Mrs. C, De La Salle Mom

Kevin really enjoyed Gordon who tutored him in Physics this year. Excellent tutor! With regard to his SAT prep, Kevin was well prepared for the test and liked that the course started in the summer prior to his junior year. Overall Kevin’s experience with Lafayette has been very fruitful and worthwhile.

Margaret T., Monte Vista Mom

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