Lafayette Academy PODS

Small Group Instruction That WE Manage For You (Online)

Lafayette Academy is rolling out comprehensive programs to help elementary and middle school students catch up or get ahead in reading and math.  Our programs will combine actionable assessments with engaging instruction to drive student gains in reading and mathematics.  These programs are vital when so many parents are concerned about the impact of school closures and distance learning on their children’s progress. Both programs will support one-on-one and small group tutoring.

We are also offering a “POD-Management” service to help families who want their children to participate in learning PODS.  Tell us where you want to host your POD, who’s in the group, and what subjects you want to focus on.  We will handle everything else: scheduling, teaching, curriculum, managing schedule changes (if necessary), payments, and oversight.  Monitoring and oversight will be hugely important to ensure that your children are getting whatever they need in their PODS. Our monitoring will include assessments to confirm that your son or daughter is on track and making progress.

Lafayette Academy POD Programs

  • Students begin with comprehensive assessments that are correlated with California Standards and Benchmarks.
  • We evaluate the assessment results and share them with each parent (and our instructor).
  • A parent provides us with the information you are getting from the teacher: specifically, we need to know what you’re working on at any given time so our teachers can fill in any gaps during the POD. We can set up a weekly schedule so everyone helps out.
  • Our instructor meets with each POD twice a week (more if necessary). The less we meet, the more the students become self-sufficient.
  • We will provide you with a bi-monthly progress report.

Why Lafayette Academy?

  • We will take the hassle out of forming and managing your PODS. We will create  a POD hub online so it’s easy to communicate with each other.
  • We have experienced teachers for all subjects. If a teacher gets sick, we have excellent substitutes.
  • Our personalized assessments will reveal your child’s preferred learning style and any skill gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Our instructors  will monitor your child’s progress EVERY week, and we won’t simply take his or her word for it.
  • Our instructors will incorporate study skills, and mentoring (when necessary) with subject-specific help.

The (not so) Fine Print

  • Each meeting will range from 90 – 180 minutes (with breaks). We will work with you to determine the appropriate time for each group.
  • We will charge each parent’s credit card $44/hour at the end of each class ($69/hour for one-on-one sessions).
  • Comprehensive assessments are $175 ($95 for members of a POD).
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