Dear Mabby,

I got something from my school about a PSAT Prep fundraiser. My daughter is already stressed out and she just began her junior year. Should I sign her up for these classes?

By the way, based on some of your other letters, she also appears to be one of the few students in her school who isn’t gifted.


L.B. Smith

Dear L.B. (laid back?),

There’s a support group for people like you and you’ll be shocked to discover that it includes the majority of parents in your school. Don’t let the small number of vocal (and I MEAN vocal) “parents of high achievers” give you the wrong impression.

Your daughter does NOT need PSAT Prep and you certainly shouldn’t pay for it. Only gifted students should prepare for the PSAT because they have an opportunity to earn a National Merit Scholarship. Lafayette Academy offers a FREE PSAT Prep program that is more than enough for most students and will give high achievers a great head start on their PSAT Prep.

Thanks for writing in,