Dear Mabby,

My 10th grader owned the PSAT as a 10th grader but his advisor recommends that he takes the ACT even though he did so well on the PSAT when he was only in 10th grade. What do you think?

Anxiously awaiting your advice,

Mary Beth Marisol-Venezuela (graduate of a well known East Coast school near Boston)

Dear (hmmm), is just Mary okay?

It sounds like your son is already on his way to your Alma Mater or a similar school in the New England region. Did you mention what grade he was in when he took the PSAT? Seriously, congratulations on his high score.

He should definitely take the SAT because he may be on track for a National Merit Scholarship. He can also take the ACT.  In fact, some Lafayette Academy students take both tests because our MegaPrep program prepares them for the ACT after they’ve completed our SAT Prep program and taken the SAT.

For those of you who aren’t sure about the tests, you have a few options: 1) have your son or daughter take practice tests (one SAT and one ACT) and compare the relative results; 2) enroll in a program that addresses both tests, but not simultaneously.

Whatever you do, don’t simply assume that because he or she is a certain “type” of student, she or he (note the political correctness) should take one test over the other.

Thanks for listening,