The Most Comprehensive SAT Prep Program

Our complete SAT Prep program includes 9 small classes organized by ability level, 3 hours of private tutoring, 3 practice tests/assessments with detailed analysis (that we respond to), 4 workshops, and unlimited follow-up support.  Our students also complete homework assignments after every class.  More importantly, we review the results so we can  cover the problem areas at the beginning of the following class. It’s not an accident that so many of our students have increased their scores by over 300 points!

Differentiated Instruction

We group our students by ability level and offer relevant, focused instruction. While other companies lump everyone together, we provide accelerated instruction for advanced students, and appropriate instruction for our other groups.  This is EXTREMELY important if you want your child to achieve the highest score increase!

Spring & Summer Schedules are Here

Ongoing Analysis = The Most Focused Instruction

Only the largest companies break down each SAT Practice Test the way we do. We track specific metrics for each student throughout the program. Moreover, our SAT Director does all of the analysis. Other companies expect their tutors to review practice test results and respond accordingly. We love our instructors, but they’re instructors, not analysts. Our SAT Director gives our instructors specific guidance based on assessment results.

Small Classes …Private Tutoring…Weekends or Weeknights

Our sections have a maximum of 12 carefully matched students, who are led by one of our gifted, engaging SAT coaches. In addition to eleven classes, we include three hours of private tutoring and a variety of subject-specific workshops. Although we now offer weeknight classes, we encourage you to register your son or daughter for one of our weekend sessions. Students are well rested on weekends and they aren’t worried about homework or an upcoming test. Our weekend students are always welcome to attend a weeknight class if they miss one of their weekend sessions.We also offer complete or subject specific private and semi-private tutoring packages if you do not want a classroom-based program for your son or daughter.

Innovative SAT Prep Strategies

Our owner has now read over 45 test prep books and he has analyzed thousands of assessments taken by local students.  His research has resulted in genuinely unique strategies to beat the SAT including some exciting, highly effective, new strategies that we introduced this year! How do we know they’re unique? Some of our fantastic, highly experienced SAT Instructors have come from other SAT Prep providers. That’s how we know!