Shadow Classes® FAQ

1)      How do the tutors know what’s going on at the local high schools?

Lafayette Academy has been tutoring local students for many years, so we have amassed text books,  curricula, and knowledge. Still, we adjust our programs  as the curricula and teachers change, and we rely on students to keep us abreast of some information.

2)      What happens in a Shadow Class?

Tutors explain the difficult topics students have covered in the days “surrounding” the Shadow Class. Tutors will answer questions and help students with homework problems or test preparation. Whenever possible, the tutor will also preview upcoming material.

3)      My kid is really struggling. Will a Shadow Class help?

Kids who are really struggling (D or F) should work with one of our private tutors. The tutor will be able to devote the whole session to specific problems and issues the student might have (including foundational material).

4)      Are all the kids from the same school and class?

We generally group students by school and subject. For example, Miramonte Chemistry will have a Shadow Class that is separate from Campo Chemistry. Every now and then, when a specific teacher deviates from the school’s subject curriculum, we set up a special class to accommodate those students. In addition, some subjects are universal through the school district and can be attended by students from all schools (e.g. Algebra 1).

5)      Who are the tutors?

Our Shadow Class instructors are tutors that have extensive knowledge in the subject and do very well teaching groups.  Many are also familiar with the school’s specific curricula because they have been tutoring local students.

6)      How much does a Shadow Class cost? How does the billing work?

We charge $176 for 4 consecutive classes. We set you up on auto-pay or we accept payment at the start of each 4 class set. If you wish to un-enroll your student, we will credit any excess amounts to your Lafayette Academy account.

7)      What happens if my student misses class?

If your student misses class, we still charge you just as a health club charges its monthly fee no matter how often you attend. If we have multiple sessions of the same class going on during the week, the student can make-up a missed class by attending another session.

8)      Can I just try out one class?

There isn’t an easy way to try just one class. We bill the Shadow Classes in groups of 4, so you pay $176 dollars for four consecutive classes. If you decide after the first class that this program isn’t for you, we can credit the remaining three classes to your account and you can use that money towards private tutoring or any other Lafayette Academy service.

9)      What if you don’t have the Shadow Class I’m looking for?

Our Shadow Class schedule changes frequently as we add classes in response to student requests.  We will start a new Shadow Class for two students so it’s important that your son or daughter find a classmate to form a new class.   We have a lot of tutors so are usually able to start new classes at times that work for our families’ schedules.