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Why Lafayette Academy For Test Prep?

First and foremost, our students’ score improvements aren’t an accident. We have had hundreds of students of ALL ability levels achieve huge score increases. Our owner has spent thousands of hours evaluating ACT and SAT practice tests to create the best strategies and program structure for our students. You’ll see a few unique aspects of our program highlighted here but we don’t want to give away all of our secrets. Other companies talk about caring – we’ve proven it, over and over again. We will do whatever it takes to help your son or daughter succeed on the ACT and SAT. Period.

Differentiated SAT & ACT Prep

We group our students by ability level and offer relevant, focused instruction. While other companies lump everyone together, we provide accelerated instruction for advanced students and appropriate instruction for our other groups. In other words, we don’t hold back our advanced students and our lower students don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions in class.

Ongoing Assessment and Analysis

Our students complete up to four practice tests, and we carefully analyze ALL of the results. Moreover, WE respond to the analysis. Other companies give students their results and hope that the students will respond on their own.

We analyze and respond to all practice test results.

Innovative SAT & ACT Strategies

I have read over 45 SAT & ACT prep books and I have analyzed thousands of practice tests taken by local students. This has resulted in a mix of truly unique concepts and “best of breed” strategies that is not taught by ANY other SAT Prep provider in the Bay Area.

Classes +

9 classes +
3 hours of private tutoring +
3 practice tests +
Unlimited Follow-Up Support


Only $333/month for 3 months!

SAT Private
Tutoring Packages


5 Sessions
7.5 hours of instruction
2 Practice Tests


10 Sessions
15 hours of instruction
up to 4 Practice Tests


15 Sessions
22.5 hours of instruction
up to 5 Practice Tests

SAT Subject
Test(s) Tutoring


3 sessions
4.5 hours of instruction
2 practice tests


5 sessions
7.5 hours of instruction
3 practice tests





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