Summer Classes


Our summer “get ready” program  prepares students for next fall.  Classes through July 10 will focus on topics that were glossed over during the “COVID-19 spring.”  Classes from July 13 on will fill in gaps and cover topics that will help students get off to a strong start next fall.

We are offering classes for subjects that were glossed over this spring and subjects that students typically need help with in the fall.  We have been tutoring local students for over 15 years, so we KNOW what to focus on!

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Summer Schedules

Algebra 2 (and equivalents)

We put a lot of focus on Algebra 2 because it’s the key math class for test prep and higher level math subjects.   During the first half of the summer, we will help students who just finished Algebra 2 or Advanced Algebra 2.  In these classes, we focus on the Algebra 2 subjects that will be tested on the ACT and SAT so students can comfortably start test prep in July or August.  We will also offer classes for students who have not taken Algebra 2 and want to take the SAT or ACT next fall.  These classes will focus on the ACT and SAT math!

Our Instructors

All of our instructors have tutored many local students in the subjects that they will teach over the summer. Nobody understands the challenges that some students face more than our instructors. And, our instructors will collaborate on summer curriculum to ensure that we have consensus support behind our summer subjects.

Summer Tutoring for Online Classes & Summer School

We know that the “COVID spring” is forcing more students to take summer classes, including online courses.  Our tutors will be available throughout the summer to help students ace their summer courses.

ACT & SAT Prep

Our “summer” ACT and SAT Prep programs are truly unique because they include a structured follow-up program that leads right up to the major test dates next fall and spring Click here for all of the details.