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Many of the most successful people in the world had tutors from an early age. Alexander the Great was 13 when he was assigned the greatest mind of that time, Aristotle. By the time Alexander was 32, he ruled an entire empire.

Tutoring gradually opens a child’s mind to great and noble goals, to seeing beyond here and now and to thinking in a complete range of thoughts and emotions. Tutoring also helps students ace their tests! Tutoring takes time, patience and a dedicated team.

Our tutoring teams are well versed in the local curriculum as well as testing methods to ensure that your children are in the best possible hands as they go through their challenging academic journeys. We also utilize a variety of resources including curriculum worksheets and videos that our tutors have compiled based on their extensive experiences with local students.  We know the problems that students typically encounter in most classes, and we’re ready for them!

Our Lafayette tutors have collectively helped thousands of students at Miramonte, Campolindo, Las Lomas, and Acalanes High Schools and are intimately familiar with the nuances of most teachers.

At Lafayette Academy, we believe that the best way to make learning effective for our young scholars is to make it engaging and relevant. Our tutors use flexible approaches based on each child’s learning style to ensure a more custom and effective learning experience.

We also give you the flexibility to choose a schedule that works best for you and your child.  There are many tutors to choose from, which means there will always be someone available to work with your child.

Shadow Classes

Shadow Classes® are weekly, small-group tutoring sessions that shadow various subjects. Subject-specific classes  meet online and are led by one of our expert tutors, most of whom are intimately familiar with each school’s curriculum.  Here are some of the features that make our Shadow Classes special:

  • Our instructors collaborate with each other to ensure that we’re teaching “best of breed” strategies in each class.

  • We sometimes add FREE Shadow Classes if there’s an upcoming test that doesn’t coincide with one of our existing class times.

  • Our instructors explain the difficult concepts that the Shadow Class students need help with.

  • We preview upcoming material when our instructors realize that students may need a head start.

  • Lafayette Academy always personalizes instruction.

  • All Shadow Classes are online

Shadow Classes are $196/month ($49/week per class). The fee is only $40/week if you pre-pay for the semester.

The last time we surveyed our Shadow Class students, 91% said that their grades were one or two letters higher thanks to our classes!

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Most Common Tutoring Services

Math is probably one of the most highly requested tutoring subjects in any school district and at any level. At Lafayette, we believe that the best way to make math easier for students is by laying strong foundations from early school years.

The tutoring begins with basic assessments to gauge the level of mathematical aptitude for each child. This allows our experienced tutors to create custom tutoring schedules, with a focus on more specific problem areas for each child.

Our math tutoring services also include assistance with school work, whether it is assignments or take-home assessment papers. This will help them not only gain a better understanding of each math topic as they help but also help contribute to improving the overall grade averages at school.

If your child has been struggling with math homework or is interested in learning way more than what is available in school at the current level, you should definitely consider working with our tutors.

Strategic reading is one of the most powerful tools you can equip your child with as you send them out into the world and down different career paths. It is not just about reading words on a page, it is about understanding them to leverage their power for clearer and more strategic thinking. That is exactly what our reading tutoring programs are designed to foster.

There are programs for younger children in early mid-school and elementary levels. These focus more on basic reading skills that set the foundation for more strategic approaches. These are meant to help the child develop a strong reading culture with an understanding for both same-level and advanced vocabulary.

There are also reading tutoring programs for older children. These are centered more around teaching the children how to think critically as they become better equipped to comprehend whatever material they encounter. Those skills will come in handy later on with SAT and act prep programs.

If you want your child to establish a powerful and strategic relationship with books and language in general, then our reading tutoring programs are definitely what you need. That way, you can help give your child an edge that will definitely come in handy later on in their life.

We understand the importance of SAT scores in the very competitive world of college admissions. That is why we have specially designed programs to give your child the best chance of getting fantastic results.

This includes tutoring on Math, Reading, and English by some of the greatest and most experienced minds in the tutoring industry. We also use an integration of different materials and programs that have been proven to be successful in producing great SAT results around the country.

The best part is that, like most other tutoring programs from Lafayette Academy, SAT prep is completely customizable. We take into account each scholar’s strengths and needs to create the most efficient tutoring plans for them.

We also consider schedules, as we understand how busy SAT prep seasons can be for children, and offer flexible programs to suit your child’s needs and availability. That way, they do not have to stretch themselves way too thin trying to fit everything into arbitrary time slots.

With SAT prep, it is never too early to start. Whether your child is in their senior year or is a zealous freshman, there is something of value for each type of test taker in our different SAT tutoring packages.

ACT exams are about so much more than having a basic grasp of concepts in science, math, and language. They are about critical thinking and the ability to make use of information to solve unique problems.

Our ACT tutoring programs are specifically designed to tap into and unlock this potential in every child. From our strategic reading tutoring to use of practical math and science examples, you child will be equipped with all the important skills required to adequately tackle these important exams.

As with our SAT prep tutoring programs, the ACT programs are designed to suit every individual scholar’s specific learning needs, strengths, and time resources. We have found that this customized approach gives every child their best chance of getting excellent scores in both practice tests and the real thing.

If you are worried about being too late, you can relax. In addition to preparation tutorials in advance, we offer last-minute brush up sessions. These are designed as short refresher courses covering main subject areas as well as going over useful exam strategies before the big test. This tutoring type also offers kids a chance to go through any problematic areas before the exam so that they don’t experience their mind going blank during it.

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