We Tailor Our Tutoring to Suit Each Student’s Ability Level and Learning Style

Recognizing that all children have different educational abilities and learning styles, at Lafayette Academy we avoid trying to get each child to fit into the same instructional mold. Instead, we strive to cater to every child individually, helping each to reach his or her quickest path to academic success. Here the emphasis is on “his or her” because all students are unique in terms of their approach to learning and innate capacity to gain knowledge of various subjects.

Tutoring Custom-designed to Address Students’ Distinctive Learning Profiles

In order to help your child make use of his or her innate abilities to the greatest degree possible, we customize our tutoring approach. The first step is to have each student complete a VARK learning styles profile to help us identify students with atypical learning styles. We then utilize a personalized tutoring approach that caters to each student’s unique academic requirements and skills. Afterward, our tutors interact with students once or twice weekly either one-on-one or in small groups and also help them with challenges they may be facing with their existing coursework.

Our SAT Prep and Shadow Classes Typify our Personalized Approach to Tutoring

In an ongoing effort to “Bring out the Best” in our students, we have led the way in using differentiated instructional strategies for our SAT Preparation and Shadow classes. Since students have dissimilar personalities, learning needs, and skills, they acquire knowledge more efficiently and thoroughly if tutoring is geared to their particular style and degree of aptitude. Although this type of tutoring system is more challenging to manage and schedule, it is well worth the effort because our students invariably flourish and grow both academically and personally after attending Lafayette Academy for a time.

Let Lafayette Academy Help

Our entire instructional philosophy is founded on the belief that all students are unique. So, the methods by which they can achieve the greatest possible educational outcomes must be based on their particular learning mode and level. To find out more about our personalized approach to tutoring designed to bring out your child’s optimal abilities, contact us today at Lafayette Academy.

Lafayette Academy

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