What You Don’t Know About Tutoring

Long gone are the days of small classrooms with multiple grades in one room. The fact is that in today’s world, we simply do not have near as many quality teachers as we need. In addition to that, those that are doing a great job are extremely overworked and stretched far too thin. This oftentimes prevents students from receiving the one-on-one assistance that they may need. Here is a little bit about how tutoring services can help:

For Trouble Subjects … And Stronger Subjects

Students often have problems in specific subjects that are caused by fundamental issues that are not addressed or uncovered in school. Our tutors are trained (or our programs designed) to identify fundamental problems that need to be addressed. Then, we address them.

Help with “trouble subjects”  is the most common reason that students seek out a tutor. No matter how hard you study, chances are that you struggle in at least one area. For some people, it’s math or the sciences. For others, it might be history or ones that require memorizing facts and figures. Either way, a good tutor will help you understand the material and do well on tests.

Help with stronger subjects is a less common, and underrated reason for hiring a tutor. Because parents and students tend to focus more on real problem areas, they accept above average grades in other subjects. But what if you can turn your B’s into A’s?  We have helped thousands of B students become A students, so keep this in mind when you’re researching tutors.

For Test Preparation

A surprising number of students have “generic” test taking problems that go unnoticed. Our tutors have access to test taking strategies curriculum that helps us identify and address specific problems that plague students.

For College Preparation

There is a lot more that goes into getting ready for college than taking a couple of entrance exams. Although these tests are very important and play a big role in determining where you will go to school, they are just a small part of the college preparation process.

Things like developing proper study habits, learning how to ignore distractions and meet deadlines, as well as managing a much larger academic workload are all part of college life. While high school may give you the tools to take with you to the next level, tutoring can show you how to use them more effectively.

Even the best teachers aren’t always able to spend the time with each student to make sure they’re reaching full potential. Additionally, in today’s world where the pandemic has upended school routines, learning is now even more challenging. At Lafayette Academy, we can provide the tutoring solutions for individual and small groups to help students excel. Call us today to learn more.

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