Dear Mabby,

I have 3rd grade twins who read at a 5th grade level and are way above average in math. Is it too early to start their SAT Prep?


Motivated Mom

Dear Motivated (can I call you “Mo”?),

It’s never too early to start getting ready for the SAT and you don’t want your little Einsteins to fall back into the pack. You can register for the test online at

Seriously, most high school sophomores should plan to take the test in the spring of their junior year and start SAT Prep over the summer. It is a HUGE (note the bigger font size) advantage to prep during the summer when you don’t have school, homework, and after-school activities. If you’re already a junior (and haven’t done any test prep), you should still target a spring test date (unless you’re already buried with school and extra-curriculars). If you’re not happy with your results (of course, “you’re” includes mom or dad), you should take an ACT or SAT Prep class over the summer and take the test again next fall.